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AIRD’s 2016 Annual Meeting Recap

aird-16-annual-meetingThe Association of Iowa Rental Dealers held its 2016 annual meeting in Johnston, Iowa yesterday. The meeting was very well attended by dealers, employees, vendors and industry dignitaries from across the country. “Another great Annual Meeting! I appreciate everyone making time in your busy schedules to attend,” shared AIRD President, Brian Luksetich.
Ashley Furniture’s Vice President of Rental Sales and meeting sponsor, Gary Jones.
This year’s meeting featured six speakers. Ashley Furniture’s Vice President of Rental Sales and meeting sponsor, Gary Jones, covered internet marketing and reviewed the ins and outs of the Rent-to-Own Industry while touching on areas of opportunity. APRO’s President, Mark Connelly, reviewed his goals as APRO’s new President and his view of how the national association can help shield the RTO Industry from negative legislation with a proactive and positive agenda.
Iowa Senator, Charles Schneider
Iowa Senator, Charles Schneider, he spoke on the topic of legislative importance and reviewed the 2016 Iowa legislative session. He discussed the upcoming elections and emphasized how they could affect the Iowa House and Senate. Jim Carney and Doug Struyk from Carney & Appleby Law, informed attendees how easy and important it is to know your local Representatives and Senators. They provided tips on how to do so such as a phone call, lunch meeting or better yet, stopping by a fundraiser and making a small contribution which would in turn paint a positive image of the RTO Industry. O’Rourke Sales Company’s Vice President and meeting sponsor, Bill French, explained how O’Rourke Sales Company can help solve appliance and electronic needs. A general discussion led by Tom Bernau, Lyn Leach, Casey Pristou and Mark Connelly contributed to the importance of telling the Rent-to-Own’s positive story at both state and national levels. If we as a whole don’t push for the RTO cause and explain the process and how it benefits customers and the economy to legislators, detractors have the opportunity to tell a much different story. During the business meeting the Board Members were elected as well as Officers. AIRD’s Spring Board Meeting is set for Thursday, May 11, 2017. AIRD Board Members
  • President, Secretary and Treasurer: Brian Luksetich
  • Vice President: Brent Gregurek
  • Tom Bernau
  • Mark Connelly
  • Lyn Leach
  • John Maitland
  • Tammy Maitland
  • Brandon Short
  • Ed Spuzello

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