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BrandSource Doubles Down for Yearly Convention in Las Vegas, Aug. 28-31

Brand-Source-LogoOn August 28, Las Vegas will play host to BrandSource’s and TRIB’s annual convention as their membership converges on the Nevada desert for yet another exciting mix of business and pleasure. This year’s four-day event, held at Caesars Palace hotel and casino on the city’s famed Las Vegas Strip, is sure to be their most successful convention yet. While in Las Vegas, the BrandSource faithful will be treated to an array of educational seminars, informative workshops, and motivational speeches by prominent figures in the retail business. They will also have the opportunity to view over 200 unique exhibits amid 200,000 square feet of space on three floors within the hotel where exhibitors will be showcasing the latest models in the home appliance, bedding, furniture, outdoor, and electronics industry. As in previous conventions, significant time has been allotted for members to co-mingle and network. The schedule is packed with various social activities and entertainment options to ensure that members experience their share of fun while basking in the Las Vegas sunshine. This year’s convention is notable for the sheer amount of information that will be made available to membership. The schedule is packed with a virtual tutorial of the retail industry in the hopes that listeners will emerge from the convention with some additional knowledge that may prove useful to their business. Numerous educational sessions, product training, and workshops are all open to BrandSource membership. Most prominent on the second day of the convention are Mattress University’s “How To Run A High Impact Promotion” with renown consultant Phil Gutsell,” and “Get Scrappy With Digital Marketing” with marketer and author Nick Westergaar. On the third day, members are invited to no fewer than eight different educational seminars ranging including “Ushering The New Manage. Leading Millennials” with David Romano, owner of the recruiting and consulting firm, Benchmark Inc. One of the more eagerly anticipated features of this year’s convention is the keynote address that will be given by prominent retail philosopher, Doug Stephens. Stephens, a 20-year veteran of the industry, is one of the world’s foremost retail industry futurists and author of the best-selling book The Retail Revival: Reimagining Business for the New Age of Consumerism. His experience in retail has influenced Fortune 500 companies including Walmart, Google, Home Depot, Disney, BMW, Citibank and Intel. Along with opportunities to learn from industry experts, are of course the social events that make each BrandSource convention so unique. Intermingled with the information provided at the convention are several social activities designed to encourage fraternization between old and new members. The 1st Time Attendee Reception, the Women in Business Luncheon, the Young Professionals Topgolf Outing, and the Furniture Treasure Hunt are just a sampling of exciting events on the convention’s docket this summer that are guaranteed to do just that. Other events such as Monday’s live karaoke night and the registration Happy Hour on the first day of the convention ensure that members will have moments to kick back during their time in Las Vegas. One of the more innovative offerings on the convention’s itinerary this year is  “The Stampede.” “The Stampede” is a popular event held annually in which 30 or more vendors offer an amazing deal to members who have only the night to make a purchase. As expected, the rush to get the “Stampede” specials is very exciting and not unlike the bustle of the holiday shopping season but in the cozy confines of Caesars Palace. The upcoming convention in Las Vegas is essentially a two-fold method that BrandSource uses to keep its members informed about the latest developments in the industry and also as a way to say thank you for their loyalty and dedication. It is hoped that the information gleaned from our educational offerings and the relationships made during the time at the convention benefit our members’ businesses in some small way. It is also hoped that all members of the BrandSource family of dealers return to all future conventions. About BrandSource Based in Tustin, Calif. and founded in 1969, BrandSource is a 100-percent member-owned merchandising group with more than $14 billion in annual retail sales, nearly 4,500 independent dealer members in North America and close to 3,000 ‘branded’ stores in the United States. ProSource, its consumer electronics division represents more than 500 specialty retailers and custom integrators and boasts annual retail sales of over $4 billion, making it the largest specialty and consumer electronics merchandising group in the United States. As the largest unified merchandising group by number of members and volume in North America, BrandSource has the ability to negotiate strong programs with manufacturers in order keep its independent retailer members relevant and extremely competitive in the consumer marketplace. BrandSource retailers have established a strong reputation for offering local consumers an unparalleled customer service experience, along with a ‘neighborhood expert’ source whenever they’re in the market for appliances, consumer electronics or home furnishings. Please visit or for more information. About TRIB 2016 Meeting of the Minds The 2016 TRIB Meeting Of The Minds kicks off in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace on August 28th. This event gives TRIB member’s a forum to educate themselves on a wide variety of topics, network with like minded professionals, and participate in a “can’t miss” buying fair. With over 2 days of educational sessions, 200 participating exhibitors, and 100,000 + square footage of expo space there is something for everyone! Please visit for more information. Media Contact: Jennifer Baldwin | BrandSource | 714-984-6644 |  

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