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U.S. Representative Jim Jordan Visits Showplace

In the spirit of APRO’s “In-Store Legislative Conference”, APRO Past President Gary Ferriman and his Showplace employees hosted Congressman Jim Jordan at their Showplace store in Marion, OH. jordan-marion-team Congressman Jordan was welcomed by Showplace owner Gary Ferriman, who led a tour of the facility for the Congressman and his staff. Congressman Jordan has visited Showplace several times and enjoyed the opportunity to see the Marion store operations. “It is always good to catch up with Congressman Jordan,” remarks Ferriman. “He has shown real concern for our business since his first election campaign. He and his wife Polly are great Americans and Jim is the real deal when it comes to common sense in a politician”. Thanks to those visits, Congressman Jordan has a very good understanding of the rent to own (RTO) transaction, and how it assists consumers. And while there is no current RTO bill, the Congressman has co-sponsored previous RTO-supported consumer legislation. While visiting the store, Gary expressed his gratitude to the Congressman for visiting. The visit represents a unified effort for APRO members to invite elected leaders to their local stores so they may have an opportunity to see how RTO serves its communities. To see other visits, visit APRO’s Flckr page. jordan-ferriman Click here to join the effort and APRO will contact you outlining which members of Congress represent your stores, meeting ‘how-to’ details and to assist you with the meeting process to make it as easy as possible. For more information, please contact APRO Deputy Executive Director, Richard May at 512/225-1051.

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