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Heartland Wraps 12th Annual Trade Show in Lake Ozark

The Missouri Rental Dealers Association wrapped their three-day annual regional trade show and seminar on Thursday, June 23rd. This year proved to be the most successful turnout in both rental dealers and vendors yet. Bass Winners Day two started bright and early on Wednesday morning as rental dealers split up into two groups to either play golf at the 4-Man Golf Scramble or catch some bass at the Bass Fishing Tournament – see results below. Participants grabbed some lunch and had a chance to freshen up before that evenings events. Attendees reconvened at the Vendor Showcase where they were greeted with a cocktail reception, raffle and any last bits of buying and networking with vendors. Dinner and the annual awards banquet shortly followed the Vendor Showcase. MRDA President, John Cleek Jr., welcomed all those in attendance while kicking off the awards presentations honoring both new and tenured vendors. Dan Cole of National Rent to Own provided a PAC Fund and APRO update followed by Senator Gary Romine who presented a legislative update for Missouri. Mark Connelly took the stage and shared his goals for the upcoming year as newly elected president of APRO. He pledged loyalty to the industry and believes there is much success in RTO. APRO’s Executive Director, Bill Keese, then went over his upcoming retirement and the board’s plans for an Executive Director search. He thanked all of those in the RTO industry and stands by his notion of unparalleled camaraderie. He closed with highlighting the importance to vote in this year’s presidential election. “Go vote! My job, your job, our jobs are dependent of it. This is a watershed year in politics and your vote makes a difference,” said Keese. Senator Gary Romine announced and handed out trophies to the winners of the 4-Man Scramble golf tournament followed by Tiger John Cleek who followed suit with the winners of the Bass Fishing Tournament. See results below. MRDA’s Executive Director, Ken Steiner closed the awards presentation celebrating his 20th year of managing the association and trade show. He shared his gratitude for the vast interest of vendors in showing at the exhibit hall, confessing it was more than they were able to accommodate this year and thus left a handful [of vendors] on a waiting list. MRDA now has a fast growing list of vendors set for next year’s show and encouraged interested parties to secure their spot for 2017’s trade show as soon as possible. “It’s been such a great journey of working with dealers and vendors. I’ve never had so many friends. When talking with vendors, I always say, I’m not a dealer, I’m a friend.” Click here to see more photos of Heartland of America 2016.

Bass Fishing Tournament Winners

1st Place: Tiger Cleek and John Cleek, Jr. (Cleek’s/Aaron’s) 2 keepers; 4.01lb big bass; 5.97lb total weight 2nd place: John Nissen and Joe McArtor (Cleek’s/Aaron’s) 2 keepers; 3.39lb big bass; 4.36 total weight 3rd place: Steve Braning and Cheryl Braning (National RTO) 1 keeper; 3.54lb big bass and total weight 4th place: Dan Kopsas and Rick Windsor (National TV Sales & Rentals) 1 keeper; 3.17lb big bass and total weight

4-Man Scramble Golf Tournament Winners

1st place, Score: 63 – J. McCabe, B. VanderWerf, S. Murpyhy, D. St. Peter 2nd place, Score: 64 – J. Pinkley, J. Seleby, A. Drambraukas, R. Rineberg 3rd place, Score: 66 – L. Beshore, J. Roth, R. Haney, M. Adams 4th place, Score: 68 – M. Williams, A. Rinbone, M. Smith, S. Wilmsmeier Closest to Pin: Gary Jones and Scott Young Women’s Long Drive: Karen Bunch Men’s Long Drive: Aaron Windsor Click here to see more photos of Heartland of America 2016.

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