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Fuse 2016 Contest Winners!

This year APRO held two contests, an app photo contest and survey contest, with the opportunity for three winners to win $100 at Fuse 2016: APRO’s National RTO Convention & Trade Show. We’ve sorted through attendee and exhibitor survey’s along with receiving help from APRO’s Facebook followers to determine the winners! Photo by Rent One's Regional Director, Kelly Martin, "Golf comes early for the father daughter duo!"

App Photo Contest Winner: Kelly Martin

Kelly Martin and her Dad, Rent One Owner, Larry Carrico attended this year’s convention as a RTO Father-Daughter duo. Our Facebook followers along with APRO staff enjoyed the photo Kelly took of herself and her father on the way to APRO’s Tom Kitchens Golf Classic. Larry and Kelly lost their way in Cincinnati a few times in route to the Devou Park Golf course but Kelly was all smiles upon arrival and they made it just in time. “Dad you were clearly so happy to be lost 4 times on the way to every golf course in town! Hahaha,” commented Kelly on Facebook. “Yep but I never said anything bad! I’m happy now,” Larry replied.

Honorable mention: Roger Sharp Photo by Roger Sharp 2

Honorable mention: Allen Ramlow Photo by Allen Ramlow

Attendee Survey Winner: Kris Wilson, American Rentals Store Manager from Attica, IN. Exhibitor Survey Winner: David Kaye, Benefit Marketing Solutions Vice President from Miami, FL.

Congratulation Fuse 2016 Contest Winners! We truly appreciate your participation and your feedback – we look forward to Fuse 2017!

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