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Long Time APRO Member Brad Dugas Retiring

Brad Dugas, owner of Supreme Rent to own in New Iberia, LA, is closing shop for retirement. He opened his store in 1993 and after two months found himself sleeping in his building for a week due to a hurricane hitting the town. He did say the upside was plenty of rentals due to mother nature’s rage. Through the years, APRO staff always enjoyed interacting with Brad as he always had a good story to tell. Especially his rent-to-own parakeets, one of his most popular items in the store. “Through the years, I’ve been very fortunate with very good employees,” reflects Dugas. Brad asks himself the million dollar question of what to do in retirement. He still has three more years to collect remaining balances so will ease into the new retired life for him. As only Brad would say in his affable and dry wit, “It’s been fun but, oh well, everything comes to an end.” APRO says ‘thank you’ Brad for your RTO presence and being a great member for 23 years.

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