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Latest RTOHQ: The Magazine March-April Issue Delivers Fuse’16 RTO Education Day


The March-April issue of RTOHQ: The Magazine delivers all the details about RTO Education Day, being held May 12 as part of Fuse 2016: APRO’s National Convention & Trade Show in Cincinnati. This year’s program builds on the momentum from last year’s slate, offering renowned public speakers and RTO insiders eager to share their best business practices and help your business prosper. One session will feature two U.K.-based RTO titans, Leo McKee and Hugh Harvey, who will offer unique insights on the British version of rent-to-own, including many bright ideas that can be implemented stateside. Sometimes, the most useful information gleaned comes from those within the industry. This year’s program will feature several RTO veterans on the dais, including presenters from some of the industry’s largest companies, as well as go-getters from independent companies who have had a progressive and positive impact on RTO business. Cincinnati football legend Anthony Muñoz will cap this year’s RTO Education Day with an inspiring presentation about overcoming odds, playing to win and harnessing one’s success to help others. Also in this issue: Our popular “Now & Then” APROfiles spotlight rent-to-own up-and-comers, as well as veterans who fought hard in the RTO trenches. “Now” features Tony Longin, the Last Best Place’s last standing independent rent-to-own dealer; “Then” profiles Tracey Morgan, an equestrian who, in the 1990s, advocated for the RTO industry on Capitol Hill. In our “Building Better Business” series, Rent-A-Center’s Louis Garcia addresses customer service and the technology to help make it great. Ed Winn III, APRO’s general counsel, covers three issues that rental dealers need to know about: recycling fees, an unusual barricade to getting a loan and consumer complaints filed with attorneys general. Gwen Fariss Newman offers a first-person perspective on a burgeoning group of Premier dealers who are pursuing a path to better performance, Tony Robbins style. Finally, an update on APRO’s In-Store Legislative Conference. Find out who has already held numerous successful meetings in RTO stores with their legislators. The list is growing and we hope you’ll be on it soon! Click here to read the entire March-April issue of RTOHQ: The Magazine.

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