RTO World 2020

Welcome to RTO World 2020!

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Industry leaders, exhibitors, and other key players gather in Tampa, Florida, to share the best practices and industry trends, test out the latest technology, and connect with one another in an atmosphere of camaraderie that only APRO and TRIB Group could provide.

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RTO World 2020 Schedule and Social Events
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RTO World 2020 Education Sessions

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Become an RTO World Exhibitor

In addition to education, RTO World’s trade show will offer attendees an opportunity to connect with vendors, purchase inventory, and learn about the industry’s newest products and services. If your company is interested in exhibiting at the RTO World 2020 Trade Show fill out the booth reservation form and return it as soon as possible.

RTO World 2020 Booth Reservation Form

RTO World Sponsorships

This is your opportunity to showcase your hottest products and newest technologies while making important connections that only RTO World can provide! Read through the 2020 RTO World Sponsorship Brochure to see what is available now.

2020 Sponsor Information

Are you interested in holding an event in conjunction with RTO World 2020? Please read this policy.

An ICW (in conjunction with) meeting is any event affecting RTO World attendees that is outside the official RTO World program, including but not limited to:

  • Customer/Acquisition meetings, dinners or receptions
  • Company/franchise trainings
  • Social events/dinners
  • Staff meetings
  • Industry pre-conference and post-conference meetings

In general, the following activities are not permitted without express permission and coordination with the convention organizers:

  • External education, tours, demos, training
  • Content resembling existing RTO World Programs 
  • Satellite events of any nature
  • Distribution of promotional material (e.g. fliers, room drops)
  • Sales presentations and equipment demonstrations

RTO World staff welcomes affiliated organizations to meet and host various functions during organizer-approved dates and times in conjunction with the 2020 RTO World Convention. 

We can provide many opportunities for sponsored events that could meet your same goals as an ICW event, and more effectively. We create custom events within the convention week that will ultimately serve you better due to the access of additional audiences and scheduling guidance that will result in the best attendance, and overall result.

If your company is interested in hosting events for its employees or franchisees, we can potentially provide you space and audio/visual at no cost. This is not guaranteed and handled on a case by case basis. All such trainings need to be coordinated with our RTO World meeting planning team. 

The RTO World organizers must review and approve any event involving convention attendees during the inclusive dates of RTO World Convention, whether held at an APRO/TRIB-contracted facility or in the same metropolitan area as the Convention.

All organizations and individuals seeking to host an ICW event must email us at expo@rtoworld.org to submit a request for the event/meeting, and receive an approval from the organizing team at APRO prior to promotion and implementation of the ICW Event.